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Dr. Pham has been my family’s optometrist of choice!

Dr. Pham is an amazing optometrist – she is very friendly, always patient whenever you have questions or have anxiety issues with your eyes (I know I used to), and the fact that every single glasses/contacts prescription I got from her was perfect is evidence enough of her skill. For over ten years now, Dr. Pham has been my family’s optometrist of choice, and never in that ten year period has she ever disappointed.

Not only are the corrective prescriptions she assigns your eyes always perfect, if you choose to purchase your glasses lenses from her, they will always be perfectly cut to fit in your desired frame and provide clear vision at all angles. Speaking of frames, Dr. Pham’s office has a huge selection of great ones at all prices, from designer to generic. The wide selection available at her office means that, no matter your price range, you can easily find a pair of good looking, quality frames.

In terms of her pricing for eye exams, frames, lenses, and so on, Dr. Pham is very affordable compared to other prices I’ve been offered by other optometrists and, unlike other optometrists, Dr. Pham does not push you to buy any more merchandise than you need. For example, her optometry office would make a lot more money off my family and myself if she insisted that we needed a more expensive frame because of some made up reason, but instead Dr. Pham and her employees (who are also very nice and helpful, by the way) are always willing to direct you to cheaper alternatives of similar quality. All things considered, that degree of honesty is especially invaluable when it comes from somebody who you are supposed to trust completely when it comes to the all-important sense of sight.

Moving onto the eye exams themselves, she has a way of talking to her patients that promotes a comfortable, anxiety-free atmosphere in the exam room. She is also extremely personable and will engage in a friendly banter with you if you are so inclined. If the friendly doctor-patient dynamic is not your thing, she is always willing to skillfully, thoroughly, and efficiently give you an eye examination regardless of how talkative you feel that day.

Also, she speaks perfect English and Vietnamese, which might be a draw for some people who live in the area and, like myself, have run into problems communicating with their healthcare providers (she might speak other languages, I’ve never thought to ask her).

Before we discovered Dr. Pham, my family and I have been to a few other optometrists around the San Gabriel/Rosemead area, and so far none of them have even come close to her in terms of overall quality. If you live in the area I strongly, strongly recommend that you make an appointment with Dr. Pham for your next annual eye examination. The caliber and delivery of eye care you get here really can’t be matched.

- Joseph P.